Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Handbook of Corporate Communication and Public Relations

Author(s): Sandra Oliver | Publisher: Routledge | Date: 2004 | Format: PDF | Pages: 480 | ISBN10: 0415334195

A bold addition to existing literature, this book provides an excellent overview of corporate communication. Taking an interdisciplinary approach, it offers readers the in-depth analysis required to truly understand corporate communication, corporate strategy and corporate affairs as well as the relevant public relations issues.

With a refreshing new approach to this topic, the authors challenge reductionist views of corporate communication, providing persuasive evidence for the idea that without an organizational communication strategy, there is no corporate strategy.

Written by an impressive list of international authorities, the text is well illustrated with contemporary case studies, drawing out the most pertinent best-practice outcomes of theoretically based applications. Its four sections cover:

* national communication
* international communication
* image, identity and reputation management
* the future for corporate communication theory and practice.

This is an essential one-stop reference for all academics, practitioners and students seeking to understand corporate communication and public relations.

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