Friday, November 11, 2011

Concepts of Modern Physics: The Haifa Lectures

Author(s): Mendel Sachs | Publisher: Imperial College Press | Date: 2007 | Format: PDF | Pages: 144 | ISBN10: 1860948219

This book highlights foundational issues in theoretical physics in an informal, open style of lecture. It expresses the flow of ideas in physics -- from the period of Galileo and Newton to the contemporary ideas of the quantum and relativity theories, astrophysics and cosmology -- as explanations for the laws of matter. Rather than presenting the ideas of physics as a fait accompli, the book leaves it up to the reader to decide which of these 20th-century ideas in science will carry over to the 21st century for our further comprehension of the laws of nature in all domains, from that of elementary particles to cosmology.

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